Windows 10 Preview for Phones

We all are seeing Microsoft releasing many low-end devices these days. The last flagship from Microsoft was the Lumia 930 and probably the Lumia 830 too. Lately, at the Mobile World Congress, Microsoft added two more low-end devices to the Lumia family and named them the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL.

All these clearly are implying to all of us, Windows Phone users, that there is no flagship coming in the near future and Microsoft leaves no doubt in confirming the same. Confirming the doubts, Microsoft’s director of Phone Marketing, Neil Broadley said :

We remain completely committed and focused on new flagship products. That said, certainly we believe the best time to bring those flagship devices to market is when we have our very latest flagship software experience available. We’re focusing our flagship development for slightly later when Windows 10 is available.

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So, until the complete release of Windows 10 for phones, which might be due September this year, we might not see any flagship devices from Microsoft.

Do you think Microsoft might have other plans as well? Let us know in the comments!


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