YouTube 10.8 Stats for Nerds

The primary YouTube app has been updated for Android. The version of the app has been upped to v10.08 and this has brought with it the feature which was only available on the website till now – Stats for Nerds.

Stats for nerds is a one glance screen where users get to see the technical details of the video that’s been streaming on YouTube. This feature is not automatic and to enable it, go to overflow menu -> Settings -> General and checkmark the Stats for Nerds checkbox.

To view technical stats of the videos, play a video and then tap on the overflow menu to the top right, and then tap on Stats. This Stats overlay will be visible through all the videos played. It can be closed by either tapping on the ‘x’ mark to the top right or by tapping again on Stats by going into the overflow menu.

Another feature added to the update is the Vibrate permission and this is hoped to come to use through notifications like whenever a video upload/download is completed.

There are also other features like audio track swapping and new search filters which are expected to be observed in the update.

Check for app updates on your device. The update might be rolling out in phases to different regions.

YouTube v10.08 – Download from Google Play


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