Google Play Music

Google has increased its Play Music storage limit from the 20,000 mark to 50,000 which implies that the users and/or the subscribers of the Google Play Music can keep their huge amount of song collection in the Play Music storage, that too free of cost.

After uploading your music tracks to Play Music, you could stream you songs or download them to your device for offline access. As for subscribers of Google Play Music, this is an additional advantage to already having access to 30 million songs which are provided by Google.

So, to store your music online on Play Music, all you need to do is sign into Google Play Music on your computer with your Google account. If you are interested in trying the subscription service, click on ‘Get Started’, otherwise, to avail the online storage for free, click on ‘No Thanks’ and continue. The setup process will guide you through adding your music files online. Once it is done, you are ready to enjoy your collection anywhere by streaming or downloading for offline access.


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