Lumia 1020

Lumia Denim update is expanding to more and more devices India. Today, it’s the turn of Lumia 1020 users in India to receive the Denim update followed by a huge number of users of Lumia 525, 535, 620 and 720 who got the Denim update last week.

This makes the following list of devices in India that have already received/receiving  the Denim update so far:

– Lumia 520

– Lumia 525

– Lumia 535 Dual SIM

– Lumia 620

– Lumia 720

– Lumia 1020

There are still more Lumia WP8.1 devices to be updated to Denim in the country, and Microsoft has promised that all of them would be getting the update by the end of this month.

The Lumia 1020 is only one of the high-end devices to receive the Denim update so far in India. However, as it was previously specified by Microsoft, only the Lumia 830, 930 and the 1520 are the only Lumia Devices that would be getting noticeable improvements after updating to Denim. The rest of the Lumia Devices would be updating, only for the namesake.

Lumai Denim Lumia 1020

It’s bad considering the fact that the Lumia device with the best camera yet is not getting any camera improvements after this update. The denim update would be adding the capability of Live folders and Cortana support to these Devices after updating, but these are already available to those users who are on Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 through the Preview for Developers program.

Considering all these, are you updating your L1020 to Denim?


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