Lumia 635 1GB RAM

The low-end Lumia device from Microsoft, the Lumia 635, was launched last year with 512 MB RAM. Other low – end devices like the Lumia 535 or 525 when compared to the Lumia 635 came with 1 GB RAM, which made it even more hard to get customers buy the device.

There have been several reports claiming that the Lumia 635 is coming in the 1 GB variant, and today, we can see that Microsoft confirms it in the specifications page of the device.

When observed carefully, there is an other change than just the RAM capacity. The standby time is different in the two devices with 25 days of standby time for 512 MB RAM Lumia 635 and only 19 days for the 1GB RAM Lumia 635.

Do you prefer to buy one if the new Lumia 635 with 1 GB RAM gets to be available in your region? Let us know in the comments!


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