Google Now toggle voice commands

Most of the Android users might not use the Android voice assistant ‘Google Now’ too much. Once you might consider using it, you, as an avid smartphone user, would be excited with its perks.

Along with too many other functions that it can do with voice commands, Google Now has recently gained the ability to turn on/off the frequent toggle options -the Bluetooth, the Wi-Fi and the flashlight – with Lollipop.

You might wonder, this feature has been there before too, but the difference is, previously, whenever you asked Google Now to turn on/off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it would take you to the relevant settings menu where you would have to use your hands again to toggle the feature on/off.

Now, when you give a voice command saying, “Google Now, turn on/off the Wi-Fi”. It does that. You need not additionally go through anymore settings. As a confirmation, you get a voice back at you saying that the task has been completed.

Now, what if you suddenly felt that you shouldn’t have turned off the flashlight and you need it for some more time? To let you not worry, as soon as the task is completed, along with the voice confirmation, a Now Card with a toggle appears to allow you to revert back the change.

So far, only these toggles work with voice commands on the Lollipop OS. However, the Kitkat version will be still taking you to the relevant settings page, even with a voice command to toggle them off.

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