Windows Phone Recovery Tool

Windows 10 is out for phones via the first technical preview. If you have a device that is listed under the supported devices, and if you are successful installing the preview of Windows 10 for your device, well and good. But what if you had issues installing the preview and, hope not, you bricked your device during the process? Also, what is your plan B if you were to encounter with some major issues while you are running the Windows 10 preview on your Windows Phone?

For such cases, Microsoft is ready with their latest Recovery Tool for Windows Phone. You must have remembered that Gabriel Aul had mentioned about the recovery tool that helps in restoring the OS of the Windows Phone back to Windows Phone 8.1.

The tool is now ready to be downloaded from the Microsoft website. Even if you are happy with the performance of your device with Windows 10 right now, it might be a safer idea to keep the recovery tool installed on your computer for future purposes, if any.

Download: Windows Phone Recovery Tool


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