Facebook Material UI Android app

It seems that Facebook is thinking over redesigning its Android app and incorporating some material UI elements into it. Some users are reporting that they have been able to experience the app with a slightly changed design on their Android devices.

The major part of this ‘changed UI’ of the Facebook app is the Floating Action Button (FAB). The app does not completely have the material UI elements as of now. Instead of the bar at the bottom of the app that has too many options, Facebook app on Android devices now has a single blue-colored FAB, tapping on which will give another three more buttons to ‘add a location’, ‘upload a photo’ and ‘take a photo’ along with the ‘write a post’ button.

This redesign is not rolling out through an updated version of the app right now, it might have been a server side change, so there is no way to update the existing app for this new design right now. It is being experienced by only some users as of now, and so unless officially mentioned by Facebook, there is no guarantee that every Android user will get this.


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