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Microsoft has far before said that the first preview of the Windows 10 for Phones will be coming only to a few devices. Just like they said, the first build of technical preview of Windows 10 for phones supports only a subset of the available Windows Phone, and that too very limited number.

The following are the list of supported devices eligible to get the first preview of Windows 10 for Phones:

– Lumia 630

– Lumia 635

– Lumia 636

– Lumia 638

– Lumia 730

– Lumia 830

Configurations from almost all mobile operators from around the world are supported for these devices, except China, as it not yet supported for the first preview.

Microsoft assures that more number of devices will be added to the preview program with each build, and that the list of new devices will be announced whenever a new build comes out.

Is your device in the list of the supported? Let us know in the comments!


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