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Excitement and expectations increase day by day regarding the Windows 10 preview release for phones, which is due this month. Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul has been a regular source of information in this case and he never fails to raise our excitement a bit more with his every tweet.

Today, in response to another user’s query about whether or not the Dual SIM devices like the Lumia 535 will be supported in the first preview of the Windows 10 for phones, he tweeted that Microsoft would be sharing the list of the supported devices ‘very very soon’.

Windows 10 preview for phones very very soon

Now, ‘very very soon’ might not exactly give us the date and time, but it surely does imply that we are not very far from getting the news about the first preview being released. There is also a hope that the preview would be released by the end of this week, according to the tweets made by Gabriel Aul previously.

Aul also tweeted that when the preview build of the Windows 10 for phones gets ready, we could get the news from his twitter handle or through a blog post by Microsoft or  from the updated site. However, we will make sure that you get updated with the news.

So stay tuned , you might be surprised any time!


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