Windows 10 Lumia 635

There has been a promise of bringing the latest Windows 10 technical preview for Phones to the 512 MB RAM WIndows Phone 8.1 devices by Microsoft and now, there has been yet an assurance that the latest OS would hopefully work without major issues on the 512 MB RAM devices.

Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul took to twitter to respond to a user that his daily driver now is a Lumia 635 running Windows 10, even though they test the build on many other devices. He says that as of now, the device runs smoothly with the OS installed in it.

Well, that is kind of a big assurance as there seem to lot of worries regarding the issues that Windows 10 first preview build would bring to the Windows Phone devices. However, Joe Belfiore, on the other day, tweeted saying that 512 MB RAM devices will have some limitations over the features offered by Windows 10 for Phones. What features those would be, is yet to be seen.

Are you holding the excitement?


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