Windows 10 Preview for Phones

More and more news about the first preview for Windows 10 for Phones come out everyday, and these add to the already existing excitement of the eagerly awaiting users. Microsoft’s Gabrel Aul,today, has responded with a few words on twitter about the upcoming video from Microsoft that shows of all the features of Windows 10 for phones.

Windows 10 for phones release

He said that this video will be available this week, while currently the video that shows off Windows 10 is meant only for PCs. The good news comes with his tweet which came in a response to a user’s criticism that there’s still no video by Microsoft. Gabriel Aul responded with a hint that the much waited preview build would be released along with the video.

Windows 10 for phones release Gabriel Aul

So putting two and two together, all we can assume for now is that if the video is due this week and the build comes along with the video, we could also expect that the preview release would also be this week.

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