JoeBelfiore Windows 10 for Phones Preview 1

Joe Belfiore of Microsoft has mentioned few words today on twitter about the upcoming Preview program of Windows 10 for Phones. Earlier, we had Gabriel Aul hinting on twitter that all of the 512 MB RAM Windows Phones will be getting the first preview, but today, the news has been confirmed, but with a twist.

Today Joe Belfiore confirmed that Windows 10 preview for phones would be reaching the 512MB RAM devices, including the popular Lumia 520, but the twist is that, he mentioned that ‘features may vary’ on these devices running the preview build of Windows 10 for phones.

JoeBelfiore Windows 10 for Phones Preview 3

He also mentioned that, as Gabriel Aul previously mentioned, that the first preview would be released only to a few Windows Phone devices, with more devices to join later.

JoeBelfiore Windows 10 for Phones Preview 2

The release timings for the devices is also said to vary and he is sure that the preview program would be released in February as planned, without delay, but they still need to complete the internal testing first.


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