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It’s been a long while since Google has updated its Play Store app for Android. The previous update changed the version of the app to 5.1.11 and brought changes to the user interface of the app and also it gave the ability to have a glance of the user’s previous order history directly from the app.

The new update pushed the app’s version to 5.2.12, and this update could be bringing in a lot of bug fixes rather than UI improvements. However, there are some design changes that come with the update.The update seems to change and redesign the details view section of the app.

On the new features side, Google might be allowing companies to host their own apps on to Play Store, which can be installed only by their respective employees when connected to the company’s network. This was started by Apple through the App Store, and now it is to be seen if Google pleases the enterprise users as well with this new idea.

The update is also told to include Reward Vouchers which are nothing but discount coupons that allow discounts, well, obviously, on the Play Store.

Along with the aforementioned changes, the update also intends to ask the users about their experience on the Play Store, directly from the app. It is a feedback sort in which the ultimate choice to answer it or not lies in the hands of the user.

While the update to the Play Store rolls out to region by region, you could head over to the link mentioned below and download the .apk file. The .apk file is signed by Google and so is safe to install it on your Android device. The .apk file overrides the existing app on your device and installs the latest version.

Google Play Store Android app – .apk Download


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