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Talk to any Windows Phone user these days, and it is definite that he/she would speak at least a word or two about the coming preview program of Windows 10 for Phones.

Adding to the users’ interest, Microsoft Gabriel Aul is regularly responding to queries on twitter, thereby giving us a hint or two on the upcoming Preview. The previous post has already mentioned that not all Windows Phones would be lucky enough to enter the preview program but 512 MB RAM device Windows Phones would make it.

Gabriel Aul has hinted on another could-be feature of the Windows 10 for Phones and that is the much-wanted rollback feature.

Windows 10 Preview for Phones rollback feature

What a rollback feature basically does is, in case of any glitches in the preview builds of the latest OS, it helps the user to revert back to the stable OS which he/she was using previously.

Knowing its use, Windows Phone users would me very much thankful if the developers from Microsoft would really include the said feature, as no one can exactly anticipate what kind of issues the preview builds might bring to the otherwise perfectly working device.

Do you want the rollback feature to come with Windows 10 Preview for Phones? Let us know in the comments!


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