Google Play Music update android

The Google Play Music app for Android has picked up an update changing the version to 5.8.1809R.1710816. The update has brought many improvements to the app, particularly to the user interface, by bringing the back/previous buttons to the notifications and lock screens, which was previously available only in the expanded view.

The change log of the update to the app also includes:

– full-length navigation drawer

– Artist page now contains bio and history

– Library tabs are now in orange color

– improved UI as the header and tabs totally hide while scrolling and also new slide up animation while selecting playlists

– album cover images are displayed of the particular song does not have an artist image, instead of the plain grey icon.

As usual, Google is rolling out the update in phases which means that not all users of all the regions are going to receive the update at once.

You could wait till Google releases the update to your devices, or you could download and install the updated app from the .apk file given below. It is safe to install on your device as it is signed and approved by Google.

Google Play Music v5.8.1809R.1710816 – apk download

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