Windows 10 for Phones larger tiles

A new Windows 10 feature for phones has come into spotlight today, while all of the Windows Phone users are waiting for the first release of the Preview for Windows 10 for phones.The image, which shows that there would be larger and longer, vertical tiles on the Start screen of Windows 10. 

Tweeted by one of the Microsoft’s employees, Vesku Paananen, the picture shows off a few desktop, laptop and tablet devices running Windows 10 OS, in which the Windows Phone with larger tiles made its presence.

Well, one might conclude that this feature was considered not yet to be out in the public, as Vesku Paananen removed the image almost immediately, but not before Finnish website spotted it, and the image is now out to everyone.

It is still unknown, if such a longer tile UI comes with an option to let the user choose between the bigger tiles and the regular sized tiles.

What can be concluded from this news is that, there could a lot more unannounced features in Windows 10 for Phones, apart from what Microsoft revealed on the January 21st event. All we can do now is wait for Microsoft to release the preview program for Windows 10 insiders.

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