WhatsApp calling feature

The highly rumored calling feature from the popular messenger service WhatsApp has started making its appearance today on the devices of a few Android users.

A user of Reddit, named pradnesh07 has posted that he received the feature by getting a “call invite” from one of his friends who has received it. The images posted above show us he new user interface of the new calling feature by WhatsApp.

As of now, for WhatsApp users to get the feature, it is best that they have the latest version of the app installed on their device, which can be obtained from the website www.whatsapp.com/android directly.

Presuming that the calling feature is activated through a call invite from the user who has the feature enabled, pradnesh07 says he called a few of his friends through the feature that has been now activated on his device. But he reports that although the call went through, the users on the other side have been unsuccessful in receiving the new feature and the user interface that supposedly came with it.

He also happens to be the user of a Nexus 5 with the Android Lollipop loaded in it, so the issue right now is a bit confusing as to which devices will receive the new feature. It could also be that the feature is still in its testing mode and this could be a random roll out to check things out. However, the reason behind it remains to be known until WhatsApp makes an official statement about the feature rolling out.

As of now, we all can be assured that such a feature exists and WhatsApp has plans to roll it out to all its users very shortly.

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