Windows 10

Microsoft has announced its latest OS, Windows 10, for its Windows Phone devices on January 21st at Redmond. This post focuses on the different features that Windows 10 brings to the Windows Phones.

– Starting with the start screen, Windows 10 allows users to opt for a back-ground image that sets as a wallpaper.

– The tiles seem to be semi-transparent and not fully opaque as was the case with Windows Phone 8 nor completely transparent which was the feature with Windows Phone 8.1.

– Swiping left from the start screen gives the App list, where a new category named “Recently installed” gives the list of all the new apps and swiping down gives the new notification screen.

– The new action center can now accommodate more quick action buttons.

– Toast notifications are now in action and can be responded from the notification bar itself.

For example, as demoed by Microsoft, when the phone receives a message, you can reply to it directly from the screen where you exactly were, before the message arrived.If you want to reply,the work you have been doing goes to the background, and the message along with the repositionable keyboard, with a mini joystick to position the cursor appears to the front.

Voice typing is also supported with the keyboard in Windows 10.

– The Settings menu is more organized and presents the menu in more clean way.

– The Office apps,Word, Excel and PowerPoint, are updated to run as the same in the case of a desktop. The apps include formatting, and every other option just the same way as they behave on a Windows desktop PC.

– The outlook app will be built-in with the system and also uses the Word app to render mails.

The new outlook app also allows deleting an email by or flagging it by swiping it to the left or the right respectively.

– The Calendar app is made to be more colorful, with some improvements.

– The default camera app will be the Lumia Camera app, which goes by the name “Camera” and the Photos app will auto-enhance the photos and also create albums automatically.

– The Maps app is integrated with Cortana to provide more flexible navigation.

– Xbox Music app is also revamped and will be getting a OneDrive music locker which is due in two months.

Microsoft announced that the Preview for Windows 10 for phones will be made available from next month. How are you excited about these features of Windows 10 for phones? Let us know in the comments!

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