Lumia 532

All the Windows Phone and Windows users are more than excited about tomorrow’s event by Microsoft and yet another new piece of information adds to the excitement.

Searching for Lumia 532 on the web shows that Microsoft mentioned the newly launched Lumia 532 as Windows 10 ready. However, this information is not displayed on the actual website, but is shown in the source code of the web page.

“Windows 10 ready, the Lumia 532 smartphone is capable of running mobile games with its Snapdragon processor. Skype, Office, OneDrive and more.

Lumia 532 Windows 10 ready

This could mean that Microsoft will name the next biggest OS release for Windows Phone as just Windows 10, making the news of one OS functionality for all Windows Devices come true but, it is yet to be seen at tomorrow’s event by Microsoft. Stay with us and we will keep you posted about more Windows 10 news for Windows Phone.


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