Lumia Denim

Microsoft finally announced in its Lumia conversations page that they are starting wider roll out of its latest Lumia Denim firmware update. Before Christmas, Denim was received by a few Lumia devices and yesterday Lumia 930 users throughout some regions of the world have started receiving the update.

Like the previous Lumia Amber, Black and Cyan firmware updates, the Lumia Denim update does come with a new OS release i.e the Windows Phone 8.1 Update but it will not provide latest firmware for all the Lumia devices, or so says Microsoft in its FAQ page.

It states:

Lumia Denim is the marketing name for latest Lumia software update, which is a combination of firmware, OS (operating system) and Lumia exclusive applications. Exact contents coming with Lumia Denim vary depending on the device model, and some devices are not requiring new firmware for the new features to be enabled, so firmware can in some cases remain unchanged.

As a matter of fact, Microsoft also stated that the new firmware improvements can only be enjoyed by the users of Lumia 930/Icon, Lumia 1520 and the Lumia 830. So this implies that, even though all the other Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices will receive the Lumia Denim update, it just improves their OS version to 8.1.1 but does not include all the exclusive features of the Denim firmware.

What do you think of Denim firmware being exclusive to only a few Lumia devices? Let us know in the comments!


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