Google Maps 9.3

Google has updated its Maps app for Android and this update changed the version of the app to 9.3 bringing a couple of new features to it.

The update now allows the users of the app to share the directions they follow in their navigation or to their destination. These directions can be shared to any app through the “share directions “option in the menu of the app.

The update also gives users the capability of disabling the dialog box that appears if the app finds it difficult to use the location.

Another new feature that comes up with the update is the permission to enable access to Bluetooth settings and devices. Although what these permissions are used for is not yet clear, users can remember this for any future use.

The following is the .apk file for Google Maps v9.3. You could download and install the app from this apk file just like any other Android application. The .apk file is signed by Google and is safe to install it in any Android device running Android 4.3 and above.

Google Maps v9.3 .apk download

The Google Play version of the app is still not updated in some regions. You could wait for the update to roll out or you could download the updated app from the .apk file given above.

Google Maps -Google Play Store


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