Google TranslateGoogle is reportedly getting ready to roll out a new feature for its existing Translate app for Android which provides a Skype-like real-time voice translation.

What exactly this feature does for Skype is that, it allows users to speak to people from different parts of the world using their native language, while Skype takes all the work to translate one’s language to another. While this feature is only a part of the preview program and is limited to Spanish and English for voice translation and 40 other languages for text translation, this is a good move from Microsoft which was appreciated by many.

To make its mark, Google is also getting ready to announce update to its existing Google Translate app, reports The New York Times. The app which has 500 million active users, according to Google, is to receive the update on almost all the Android phones on which it is currently in use.

The update that Google is working on now for the app is expected to improve the capability of the app in such a way that when you as a user speak a different language, the app should automatically sense it and provide a near accurate translated text.

Do you think such an update for the Translate app would be useful to you? Let us know in the comments!


Google Translate App for Android- Google Play

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