Phone Insider for Windows Phone

Microsoft has launched a new app called”Phone Insider” for Windows Phones which might let users have a first-hand experience of Windows 10 for Phones. Through this app, a Windows Phone user must be registered as an insider to be able to receive the pre-release OS updates on their Windows Phone, much like registering as an “insider” to get access to Windows 10 Technical Preview.

The app description says:

The Phone Insider application provides registered Windows Insiders the ability to receive pre-release OS updates on their phone, directly from Microsoft.  For more information about registering and becoming a Windows Insider visit

We cannot judge if this app is a replacement of the existing “Preview for Developers” app or not. There is no mention about this app form Microsoft either.

The app currently, does not allow normal Windows Phone users into the app, so it implies that it is still in progress. However, you could still download the app and install it on your Windows Phone for free.

Do you think the Phone Insider app from Microsoft has something to do with Windows 10 for Phones? Let us know in the comments!

Phone Insider by Microsoft – Windows Phone Store

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