Phone Insider by Microsoft for Windows Phone

A tweet from Gabriel Aul, Engineering General Manager for the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft is raising curiosity about the “Phone Insider” app as well as Windows 10 for Phones.

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It is known that Microsoft is hosting an even on 21st of this month to show off the features of Windows 10, and there are also speculations that Microsoft will shed some light on Windows 10 for Phones. An app named “Phone Insider” is also launched by Microsoft, about which it still did not let out any details.

Gabriel Aul on Phone Insider Microsoft

When asked by a Windows Phone user about the Phone Insider app, Gabriel Aul replied that general public will get to know more details on it on the 21st of January. This, of course, is raising positive expectations on the 21st January event held by Microsoft about Windows 10 for Mobile.

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