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QuickPic, one of the best gallery replacement apps for Android, has exited its beta stage of version 4.0 and is going live on Google Play.  As it was mentioned in a previous post, QuickPic v4.0 comes with a lot of new features and improvements. The major change you, as a user, will observe when you dive into the settings menu of the app is the ability to change the themes of the app, which will give you the most unique gallery viewing experience.

If you are an existing user of QuickPic, you would directly not able to notice the theme changes that have been brought up with the update, but once you head to Settings -> General you could select your choice of theme to be applied to the app.

Another new feature that comes with the version 4.0 is the automatic cloud back-up ability. Head to Settings -> Cloud backup and select the folders that are to be taken backup to your choice of cloud service.

There are also other features which improve the performance of the app like Google account login via Play Services, fast folder accessing and more.. The update is not readily seen in the Google Play Store of all regions.

QuickPic v4.0 for Android .apk file download

QuickPic for Android – Google Play

You could wait for the update to come, or can download QuickPic 4.0 for Android by the .apk file through the link given above.


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