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Google has updated its Google App, which was formerly the Search app, for Android devices. The update brings up the version of the app to 4.1 and brings many new and improved features to the app which were not in its 4.0 version.

Now Cards is a new space that appears on the app, which allows users to control which Google  shows to the users. Users can choose to enable or totally disable the cards feature of the app and can also view their card history.

The “Ok Google” feature of the app has also been improved with Google giving the control to the user to turn the recognition of the word “Ok Google” on the lockscreen to “always on“.

The option which was previously “When Locked” changed to “Personal Results” which implies that if the toggle is on, then all the user’s personal actions and information can be accessed by themselves, which they can start by saying “Ok Google” to the lockscreen.

Nine Indian languages have been added to the app for the user’s convenience :  Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Oriya and Hindi.

The settings of the new version of the app brings in a surprised “Manage Space” option, which was not in the version 4.0. Tapping on this brings a screen on which user can select if he/she wants to clear Google Search data or just the Launcher data or both.

You could download the Google app from the apk file given below. It is signed by Google and hence is very safe to install it in your Android device.

Google App v4.1.21.1657 .apk download

The below is a link redirected to Google Play, also from which you could get the latest Google Search app for Android.

Google App for Android from Google Play

If you have noticed any more new features that this update brings to the Google App to Android, let us know in the comments!


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