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CyanogenMod is yet again ready with another custom ROM package and this time, it brings with it the Android Lollipop features along with some of its own tweaks.

However, the CyanogenMod Team mentioned that there are some more functionalities that will be missing in the version that is rolled out now and the missing features, they said, are as follows:

– Theme Engine

– Quick Settings reorganization and customization

– Quick Settings Ribbon mode

– Navigation bar reorganization and customization

– Sound Panel customization

– Lock-screen Quick unlock

These features, they promise, will be available in the next few weeks. They also mentioned that excluding these, they are planning a whole lot of features for Android L and have big plans for it in the future.

Coming to the list of devices that can avail the CyanogenMod 12 Nightilies as of today from the CyangenMod download site are:

1. OnePlus One-bacon

2. LG G2-d802

3. HTC Droid DNA-dlx

4. LG Optimus G-e975

5. LG Optimus G Pro-e980

6. HTC One XL-evita

7. Moto G-falcon

8. Oppo Find 5

9. Nexus 7(2013)-flo

10. Moto X-ghost

11. Samsung Galaxy Note 3-hlte

12. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Sprint-hltespr

13. HTC EVO LTE-jewel

14. Samsung Galaxy S4 CDMA-jfltevzw

15. Samsung Galaxy S5-klte

16. HTC One-m7

17. HTC One Sprint-m7spr

18. HTC One Verizon-m7vzw

19. HTC One 2014-m8

20. Nexus 4-mako

21. Samsung Galxy Tab Pro 12.2-mondrianwifi

22. Moto_msm8960

23. HTC One Max-t6

24. HTC One Max Sprint-t6spr

25. HTc One Max Verizon-t6vzw

26. Samsung S4 Mini-serrano3gxx

27. Samsung S4 Mini LTE-serranoltexx

28. Nexus 6-shamu

29. LG G Pad 8.3-v500

30. HTC One S-ville

31. LG G3-vs985


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