Subway Surfers Las Vegas 1.33.0

The endless running game Subway Surfers is updated yet again on all the major platforms that it is available on. The latest update changed the version of the game to 1.33.0 and takes players on World tour to Las Vegas this time.

The complete changelog of the update 1.33.0 of Subway Surfers is as follows:

– Follow the Subway Surfers World Tour to glamorous Las Vegas

– Surf beneath the star covered sky and explore the flashy subway

– Add Rex, the amazing performer, to your character crew

– Spice up your Board collection with the fancy Roller board

– Collect shiny Spades in the Weekly Hunts to unlock cool prizes

Download Subway Surfers for free for Android

Download Subway Surfers for free for Windows Phone

Download Subway Surfers for free for iOS

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