Android 4.4.3 update to Samsung Galaxy s5 and s4

So far, the only Android device of Samsung, that received the Lollipop OS update was the flagship Samsung Galaxy S5, that too mostly in the European regions. Samsung could soon roll out the OS update to some other of its Android devices.

A new post on Reddit from a user who claims to be a Samsung employee reveals that moving forward from the Galaxy S5, Samsung is planning to roll out the latest Android OS update to its phablet device – the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge.

There is also a claim that after Lollipop is released to the Galaxy Note 4 and the Note Edge, Samsung also has plans to roll it out to Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S4 in the later turn.

This news in on par with the schedule that turned up on the Samsung official website of Finland, so this also can be considered to be true.

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