airtel logoBharti Airtel, one of the India’s popular mobile network carrier has dropped plans of charging its customers for VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol) calls through apps like Skype, Line, Viber, etc.

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This is a relieving news to its customers as there was a huge opposition from the customers to this plan, throughout the country.

Airtel said “In view of news reports that a consultation paper will be issued shortly by TRAI on issues related to services offered by Over-The-Top (OTT) players including VoIP, we have decided not to implement our proposed launch of VoIP packs.” As a result, the plan for charging VoIP at Rs75 for 75 MB in the terms and conditions listed Airtel’s page is also now removed.

It was last week that Airtel decided that it would charge its customers for the incoming as well as outgoing VoIP calls made through various Skype-like services. An exclusive VoIP pack of 75 MB for Rs.75 was also introduced for a validity period of 28 days. Airtel had said that it would notify its customers before these plans are put into effect, but as it is seen, the total plan had been rolled back.

Airtel’s plan of charging VoIP despite of having an internet pack was opposed by its customers all over the country and the social media especially was on a rage at the Telecom network’s plans. Finally, as a happy ending, Bharti Airtel has finally cancelled all such plans.

How do you feel about Airtel taking such a step to charge VoIP calls in the first place? Let us know in the comments!

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