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Are you among the many people from India who regularly call friends and relatives through Skype or Viber to stay in touch? Hereafter, you better be on a WiFi network before you start doing so because Indian carrier Bharti Airtel is charging VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) calls separately even if you already have a 3G data pack enabled on your device.

Airtel, on Wednesday, confirmed that VoIPcalls through popular services like Skype, Viber and others will now be charged on the pay-per-use basis and also through an independent data pack exclusively for these calls.

The Airtel page staetes ” All internet/data packs or plans (through which customer can avail discounted rate) shall only be valid for internet browsing and will exclude VoIP (both incoming/outgoing). VoIP over data connectivity would be charged at standard data rates of 4p/10KB (3G) and 10p/10KB (2G).

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These are the rates by Airtel if you wish to pay as you use. If you wish to have a prepaid pack enabled, Airtel introduce a special pack where it charges its users Rs.75 for 75 MB of VoIP.

Airtel also mentioned that this plan of charging for VoIP calls will not be implemented with immediate effect and its customers will be notified about the change whenever they start implementing it.

This not a pretty move by Airtel as this is just like charging extra for something that you have already paid. Bharti Airtel is a major carrier in India and we never know, if this move is welcomed by all the existing Airtel users, other major carriers of the country could also repeat the same on their networks!

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