Android Lollipop 5.0.1

Now that Android 5.0 Lollipop has started rolling out to users of different manufacturers apart from Google Nexus, it would be better if users have the knowledge of some tips so that they can make most of their Lollipop devices when the update finally arrives to their device! So let’s get started….

Tapping can now wake up the device : 

After having Lollipop OS installed, you will no longer have to press the power button to wake up and unlock your smartphone or Android-powered tablet. Just double-tap on the device’s screen and it will wake up right away!

Selective app notifications:

With Lollipop, you can just set the buzz of unwanted app notifications at bay. You could select which apps you want to be notified about by going to Settings -> Sound & Notification -> App notifications and select the app. This will enable push notifications only for those selected apps. On the other hand, if you don’t want a particular app to send you any notifications, you could could select “block” for the particular app by going through the same path.

App notifications Lollipop

Prioritize Calls, Messages and Reminders :

Just like with the app notifications, you could even be selective about who could call and text to you and also reminders about what should be notified to you. All these can be chosen by going to Settings -> Interruptions.

Android Lollipop Interruptions

Multi-user support :

Lollipop introduces guest access feature to smartphones and tablets. With this feature, a second person can log in to to your smartphone/tablet without having access to your personal information.

Read more about enabling and using guest user access on Lollipop OS here.

Lock-screen notifications:

Lollipop gives users the flexibility of reading notifications directly from the lock-screen. This in a way is helpful as one does not have to unlock the screen and go to the notification bar to check out the notifications. On the contrary, this may also hinder one’s privacy as some users do not like messages popping out on their lock-screen. So to disable visibility of notifications on lock screen, go to Settings ->Sounds & Notifications -> When Device is locked and tap on don’t show notifications at all.

Lock-screen notification settings

Google’s Lollipop version of Flappy bird game :

Google has made it’s own version of the endless and difficult Flappy Bird game and it is hidden in the settings menu. To play Google’s Lollipop Flappy Bird, go to Settings – > About device and tap repeatedly on the Android version. A screen with Lollipop will appear. Tap on the Lollipop to start the game and try to sail through it!

ANdroid Lollipop FLappy Bird

Expand Notifications:

If you have a welter of notifications piling up your screen and you can’t have a clear reading of one among them, Lollipop provides you with the flexibility of expanding the notification by pinching on it. If you have enabled notifications on your lock-screen, you can do this on the lockscreen as well.


With Android Lollipop you could practically lock your device to run on only one app. This can be done by using the screen-pinning feature. This can be very helpful if you have children who like play games on your smartphones but you don’t want them to accidentally delete any information from the device.

Read more about Android Lollipop Screen Pinning here.

Android Lollipop Screen pinning

Stay tuned to us to get more tips and tricks about Lollipop. Also let us know in the comments about which device are you expecting the Lollipop update next for?

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