android lollipop screen pinning

Screen pinning is a feature of Android Lollipop OS that allows its users to fix their screen to one single app – be it Google chrome, a game, mail,  or pretty much any app that exists on the phone – until the user wishes to unpin it again. This feature becomes handy while playing games or while handing over your device to kids so that they play with only the game given to them and not with any other important information. In short, screen-pinning, when enabled, makes it difficult to witch from one app to the other. So lets get started on how to use screen pinning on an Android Lollipop enabled device….

To set up screen pinning, user must first turn it on in the Settings of the device. Go to Settings -> Security -> Screen Pinning and swipe the toggle bar to the right to enable it. Doing so will allow the user to screen-pin whichever app that is currently installed on the device.

To screen-pin an app, first open the app and then tap on the overview button (the square shaped button of the three navigation buttons that brings up all the recent apps). If there are many apps in the recent tab, swipe down to reach the app that you want to pin. To the bottom right, a blue circle with a white pin shaped icon on it appears. Tap on it and the app is pinned to the screen right away.

When you are done working with the app that you have scree-pinned, you could unpin the app to carry on with the regular functionality. To do so, press the back (triangle) and the overview (square) buttons at the same time and the phone then displays a message saying that the app has been unpinned.

To add more security, there is even an option to have a security PIN or password to unpin any app that has been pinned.

How do you like the new screen pinning feature of Android Lollipop? Let us know in the comments!


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