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Android 5.0 Lollipop has many new features and improvements to the existing numerous features. One such remarkable improvement is the quick-settings panel that appears when you double-swipe from the top of the screen of your Lollipop device. Continue reading to know about what’s new in the quick-settings panel and how to make most of it.

The quick settings panel is the upgrade of the existing shortcut-bar that contains a few settings shortcuts which appears when a user swipes down from the top of the device’s screen. This feature is indeed handy as it does not consume much effort to turn on/off mobile data, screen rotation, Bluetooth etc.

As an upgrade, Android Lollipop introduced the double swipe down from the top of the screen which makes the quick-settings panel appear. Instead of the double swipe down, users can also try the two-finger swipe. This quick-settings panel contains almost every option of the settings menu that has the feature of turning on and off.

The panel brings a set of icons that come handy to the user whenever necessary. The options that will be seen in the quick-settings panel of a Nexus device are: Brightness  bar, Wi-Fi toggle, Bluetooth toggle, Network signal indicator, Airplane mode toggle, screen rotation icon, Flashlight button, Location toggle,  and the Screen cast toggle.

Most of the icons are self-explanatory as they have been in use since long. The other icons which are new are explained below:

The Network signal indicator icon displays the signal strength of the user’s network provider and when tapped on the icon, it allows the user to control his/her data usage settings.

The Flashlight icon, when tapped on, will make use of the camera flash and works as a torch light when needed.

The screen cast toggle button allows the user to project the contents of the phone to a connected device like Chromecast or Android TV.

The icon worth noticing in the quick-settings panel is the Hotspot icon which will appear only after the user has turned on the device hotspot via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Once the user has used the device as a hotspot once, the icon will appear in the quick-settings panel thereafter.

This implementation of the quick-settings panel is not the only way it can be done. This is Google’s way and it could change based on the smartphone manufacturer who applies Lollipop OS to their device. Stay tuned to us by subscribing, as we will keep you updated on more about Lollipop.

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