Lumia Denim

Microsoft has started rolling out the next software update for Windows Phones – Lumia Denim – to Some of the popular Windows Phone models in China. Here’s the list of the Windows Phones that are currently receiving the Lumia Denim update in China:

– Lumia 520

– Lumia 525

– Lumia 526

– Lumia 625

– Lumia 720

– Lumia 720T

– Lumia 1320

The latest Lumia WIndows Phone devices like the Lumia 730, 830, 930 and the new Lumia 535 come with Lumia Denim out of the box. But Microsoft promised that this software update would also be rolled out to most of the Lumia devices in the coming days.

Lumia Denim software update for Windows Phones is not as big as Lumia Cyan which brought a whole lot of UI changes and improvements to Windows Phone, but it has many camera improvements which could make Lumia Photography even better than what it is now.

Apart from the camera improvements, Lumia Denim also brings passive voice activation for Cortana, and Glance screen improvements.

Since the roll out of Lumia Denim has begun in China, could we expect it for India next? Stay tuned to us to get the latest updates on Lumia Denim and more.

Following is a glimpse of changes and improvements that Lumia Denim brings to Windows Phone:

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Are you excited to have Lumia Denim update rolling out in your country to your device model next? Let us know in the comments!

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