Google Maps v9.2

Google Maps for Android has been updated to version 9.2. Ever since the Google Maps acquired material Design, there have been constant changes and improvements to the app. This new update focuses on navigation and search improvements.

There is now a new “Navigation Settings” menu added to the list of settings of the app in which users can control the default voice level and the automatic tilting of the map. The voice level can be turned to loud, soft or standard volume. The tilt map option will give users control to select if the map should be displayed at an angle or just straight top to down.

Coming to the search improvements, wrongly spelled place names are now being auto-corrected. While we cannot hope for the exact spelling to be shown up via the auto correct, we could still be happy that this feature leaves behind some confusion.

Additional feature with this new update is the calibration that is necessary for the built-in compass of the phone to work properly. This is not a mandate and the app will not always ask the user to go through the calibration step. Whenever necessary, the app displays a dialogue box saying that the user needs to move his device in certain angles so that the built-in compass is calibrated properly.

These are the changes that have been discovered so far. If there are any more changes with the app’s new update, we will let you know in the future posts. The .apk file of Google Maps v9.2 is signed and verified by Google so you need not worry if the app is safe to install it in your Android device or not. You could wait until Google pushes the update over the air to your device or you could grab the app from the below link just like any other apk file.

Download Google Maps v9.2 apk


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