Android Lollipop

Android Lollipop is Google’s biggest Android release yet. It has brought with it many new and improved features which can make an Android users’ life a bit more easier. Along with many of the important features of Lollipop OS, guest access is one which was not even expected till it was announced.

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Lollipop’s guest feature is more or less similar to the sharing feature that we all have been using on Windows Desktop since many years from now. This feature can be activated whenever you share your device with any other person and you want your personal information untouched. This post will help you understand what the guest user mode actually is and how to set it up on your Android Lollipop enabled device.

The guest user mode actually allows sharing of your device and not your data. When used from a guest account, it isolates your personal data from being accessed and behaves as a freshly installed system with only stock Android apps being available.

Guest users can use this account as their own without being able to touch your data, which means security guaranteed. They can download apps from the Play Store and sync their Google account, their documents and photos to that particular account. The guest user account can be disabled by removing their Google account from your device when their job is done. The main user can also allow sharing of apps between his/her account and the guest user account without the fear of sharing of any app data.

Now let us see how to enable, disable or restrict the access of guest user accounts on Android Lollipop devices.

How to setup or enable Guest user Access :

1.Go to the Quick Settings  by swiping down with two or more fingers from the top of your device’s screen.

2. Tap on the red avatar icon which is on the top right corner of the screen and then tap on “Guest”.

NOTE: Each time you enter into guest mode, you are prompted by the device if you want to access as a new guest or continue with the last guest session.

How to switch back to main account:

1. Repeat the same procedure as above. Go to the Quick Settings panel and tap on the avatar icon.

2. Instead of tapping on Guest, now tap on your main user name or account name.

3. If you have set a PIN or a password for the main account, then you will be prompted to enter it to gain access to the main user account.

How to remove Guest user:

1. Drag the notification bar and tap on the user icon to the top right.

2. Choose “Remove Guest” and you will be prompted to confirm the removal. Tap on “Remove” and the Guest account along with any data it holds (pictures, downloaded apps, contacts etc) will be permanently deleted.

With this feature, you can also restrict the guest account user from making phone calls from your Android phone.

How to restrict guest user from making calls :

1. Launch Quick Settings by dragging down the notification bar with two fingers and tap on the user icon (avatar icon).

2. Tap on “More Settings” to the bottom of the screen and then tap on “Settings” beside the user icon.

3. To disable the guest user from making phone calls, slide the toggle bar position to “Off”.

How do you like the multi-user support that Android Lollipop provides its users? Let us know in the comments!


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