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Motorola Mobility, one of the major manufacturers of smartphones is planning to bring affordable 4G smartphones to India next year, reported Economic Times.

Motorola Mobility, which was acquired by Lenovo from Google, is currently the third largest mobile phone manufacturer and its main markets are Brazil and India. By releasing affordable 4G smartphones in the Indian market, Motorola believes that it will move its position to No.3 by next year.

“The transition to 4G will be quick. Next year, we re going to be very aggressive in the 4G value proposition for end users,” said Rick Osterloh, President and Chief operating officer at Motorola Mobility. “India is absolutely essential (for global turnaround). India and Brazil are countries that we think first when we think about our business because that’s the future. The market here is growing incredibly quickly,” he also added.

Indian smartphone users, what do you think about Motorola’s plan to launch 4G smartphones in India? Let us know in the comments!

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