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Google Hangouts is about to get a massive update for Android OS. With this update, the Android Hangouts app is going to receive all the new fun features that its iOS app has been having since many days from now.  The update promises not only to include features but also to refine the Android app’s look and user experience.

The new features to be included in the upcoming update to Google Hangouts are:

– Fun part first, 16 new sticker packs are going to be included! These range from penguins to pirates and koalas to cats.

– A wide range of filters like sepia, vignette etc have also been added to give that extra feel during a video call.

– By confirming your phone number, the app helps people who already have your number to find you easily within the app.

– ‘Last Seen’ timestamps have been added.But these will start showing up only after few weeks after so you would not find them right away after updating the app.

– This update makes Hngouts not nly fun and interesting but also smart. For example, if a friend of yours sends you a message asking “Where are you?”, Hangouts gives you a one-tap suggestion which lets you send your location right then without you having to worry about finding the location and dropping a pin.

The update will start reaching all the Android users later today.

Download Google Hangouts for Android from the Google Play Store.

Are you happy about all these features that come with the next update to Google hangouts? Let us know in the comments!


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