Android 4.4.3 update to Samsung Galaxy s5 and s4

Smartphones with touch screen displays is now a very common sight and so are the problems that come with it. If the touch screen of your smartphone does not respond properly, the point of using your smartphone becomes less valid. This post will let you know how to check if the touch screen of a Samsung Android smartphone is in perfect condition or not.

The procedure given in this tutorial is only for Samsung Android smartphones and also the names of the options mentioned may not be exactly same in your respective device as they keep changing from version to version. But note that the procedure to follow is same and so this guide should work perfectly when you are set to test the touch screen of your Samsung Android smartphone.

The method that we use now is by entering a code onto the dial pad of your phone. By doing so, the phone will automatically display a list of options that can be used to check various options on the device.

To get started with, type *#7353# using the dial pad of your device. As soon as you type the last # symbol, a list of options appear on the screen of your device. Since our aim is to check the touch screen of the device, we concentrate on two options called “TSP Dot Mode” and “TSP Grid Mode“.

Tap on the “TSP Dot Mode”. This mode will show a dot mark wherever you touch on the display and this indicates which part of the screen is responding to the touch. You could test your touch screen by writing something onto the screen and checking if there is a dot displayed everywhere you touched. However, this is a slightly confusing tool as the dots are very tiny and are not clearly visible at times.

Now enter into the “TSP Grid Mode”. This mode will create grids on the display of your device and lets you select any part of the grid to test the touch screen response. In response to the touch, the grid changes color to show that particular part of the screen is not faulty. This is quite an easy method in which you could just drag your finger all over the screen to test it and see if there is any part of the screen that does not change color.

These are the two easy ways to test and see if the touch response of your Samsung Android smartphone is working perfectly or not. This method varies with make and model of the device since the code will not always be the same.


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