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Google has announced new security tools today for users of Google Apps to let them take more control of their online security. They are the new ‘Device & Activity Dashboard’ and ‘Security Wizard’ features.

This lets you have a glimpse of all the devices from which you are signed in using your Google Account. If you have multiple devices in which you logged in using your Google account, it displays which device among the list, is currently active. It also shows all the devices that you have used to sign in with your Google account, from the past 28 days. This feature helps you notice any suspicious activity and if you spot anything like that, there are settings from which you can reset your password right away.

The Security Wizard feature is for Google for Work Accounts which guides users through some steps they can take, which can help then adjust security features. One of them would be providing contact information for the use of account recovery. Besides, Google says that this process of providing information takes only three minutes and it can help secure your account in a better way.

Are you going to give a try to these newly introduced Google’s security features? Let us know in the comments, what you think of them.


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