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Google has updated its YouTube app to the latest version v5.18 and the apk file for the updated app is now available for download. The link to download is given at the end of this post.

The latest update provides a interesting feature, video clip trimming. This feature allows users to trim their videos on the go before uploading them on YouTube. This rather is a useful feature for those who upload their videos to YouTube from their mobile because it is unlikely that every video shot using a smartphone would turn out to have a perfect start and a perfect end. In such cases, this video clip trimming tool can come handy.

This clip trimming feature is currently not activated yet on the app, but will be available soon. On a side note, Music key is not linked with this update while the previous versions had it.

The apk file given below is signed by Google and is safe to download. Installing this will update the existing YouTube app on your Android device.

Download YouTube v5.18 for Android

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