android lollipop priority mode

Android Lollipop provides users with three notification mode settings – All, Priority and None, one of which can be chosen by the user based on his/her convenience. This post will let you know about each of them and tells you how to enable the priority mode.

The All notification mode allows every single notification, message and call to your phone while the None mode, obviously, bans all of them. The Priority mode, as the name suggests, gives the chance to the user to prioritize what type of notifications and from whom should be allowed by the phone. When this mode is enabled, the user will receive calls or text messages/notifications only based on his priority settings.

To set the mode to priority, you must first tell the phone your priority settings. To do that, tap on the star icon to the top right of the phone, where the battery icon usually resides. The Volume bar and the three notification modes “ALL” , “PRIORITY” and “NONE” appear. Tap on “PRIORITY”. Then tap on the Settings gear symbol that appears in the drop-down bar. This will take you to the “Interruptions” page where you can let your phone know what your priorities are.

Here on this Interruptions page, you can turn on/off among reminders, text messages, calls and also select the contacts from whom you would want to hear when you enable this mode. When you are done, hit the back button and your priority mode is now all set! Check out the video attached above for detailed steps.

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