At the BlackBerry Enterprise Event held on Thursday in San Francisco , BlackBerry and Samsung announced that they are into a partnership to provide end-to-end security to Android through BES12 and Samsung KNOX.

With BES12 and Samsung KNOX together provide an integrated solution that brings secure connectivity and class-leading device applications and data management capabilities that BlackBerry is known for along with Security features embedded in Samsung Galaxy devices.  This provides Android security enhancements which reduce threats that bypass application security mechanisms while minimizing damage from flawed applications. BES12 and Samsung KNOX together provide complete separation of business and personal data for uncompromised corporate security and employee privacy.

Availability of this security feature provided by the partnership of two major smartphone manufacturers is expected in early 2015.  Samsung will resell BES12 to joint customers and BlackBerry will offer KNOX support as a part of the Gold family of BES12 subscriptions. The pricing will be announced after the programme is made available.

What do you think of this partnership of BlackBerry and Samsung towards improved security? Tell us in the comments!

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