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Android 5.0 Lollipop from Google is a bunch a new features to the Android OS and whatsoever features that are explored till now seemed good and some, even great. Now, another feature of Android 5.0 Lollipop is found out and that is, ‘Silent mode’ option seems to be excluded from Android phones.

While in Kitkat, when you lessen your phone’s volume, it enters into ‘Vibrate’ mode and if you lessen the volume still, the phone goes ‘Silent’. But in Lollipop even the lowest mode of volume will set the phone to ‘Vibrate mode’ , but it does not make the phone go completely silent. This can be a bit annoying to some people who wish to have quiet hours in situations like, say, a movie or a meeting.

Also, another feature of Lollipop is that only “None” notification mode allows users to completely turn off all notifications whenever they like. There are three kinds of notification modes available in Lollipop – “None” “All” and “Priority”. Setting your notification mode to “None” prevents any notification from reaching your phone unless you set it back to “Priority” or “All”. While this may seem like a better alternative to the no-silent option, there is a drawback here. Setting the notification mode to “None” also makes the alarms go silent! This hasn’t been the case with Kitkat, however.

Interesting information is that, the silent mode is available for tablets running Lollipop OS (Nexus 9 as of now), but not phones. There is also an expectation that this may be a bug and so it is unsure if this change is made deliberately by Android Lollipop developers. We should wait and see if Google recognizes this as a bug and fixes it.

Do you think not allowing the phone to go completely silent is a good feature? Let us know in the comments!

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