google keyboard 4.0 android

The all new Google Keyboard version 4.0 is heading towards the Play Store for all you Android users to install and experience its material themes. It might take a while before Google pushes the update to all regions. But you need not worry about that delay because you can download the Google Keyboard 4.0 apk file from right here at the end of this post.

One of the new features in this version of the Google Keyboard is the seemingly obvious material theme. The material themes available with this latest version are the “Material Dark”, “Material Light”, “Holo White”, “Holo Blue”. To select one of these themes, you just have to reach for the settings in the app.

The  next new feature of Google Keyboard 4.0 is the key long-press duration setting, which was an old feature that was gone, but made its way back to the app again.

The apk file listed below is signed by Google and is completely safe to install in your Android device. You could wait for Google to push the update itself to your device, but you could as well download and install the app if you don’t want the wait.

Google Keyboard 4.0 apk file

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