Cortana windows phone 8.1

There seems to be a possibility that Cortana will soon be ready to make lives of non-Windows Phone users too! Cortana is Microsoft’s digital voice-enable assistant, competitor to Android’s Google Now and Apple’s Siri, which had its debut on Windows Phone platform. Now news is that Cortana will be heading to enter Android and iOS platforms in the near future.

Business Insider mentioned in one of their reports,

“When asked if that meant Cortana would eventually come to other operating systems, Larson-Green said, “The short answer is, yeah.”

Even if this is true that Cortana really might come to Android or iPhone, how well it functions on those platforms than on a Windows Phone is still a question and is yet to be seen.

As of now, Microsoft is continuously making improvements to Cortana in Windows Phone and mentioned a few months back that its first priority is to expand Cortana to more countries. So it is to be waited and seen if this news remains to be true or not.

Do you think Microsoft should expand Cortana to other platforms too? Give us your thoughts!

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