whatsapp blue check mark

All the WhatsApp users, irrespective of their mobile phone platform (Android,Windows Phone or iOS), from today, will start seeing  blue check marks beside their message in WhatsApp!

Until now, WhatsApp kept showing a single check mark beside a message to indicate that the message has hit WhatsApp servers, and that turns into double check mark to indicate that the message has been delivered to the person on the other side. To know if the receiver has read the message or not, users could use the last seen timing.

Now, as a new feature, that double check mark turns blue as and when the receiver opens the conversation and reads the message!

While this might be thought as a positive feature for some, it can be considered as negative for others because that would reveal if the person has read the message and if he/she does not respond to that message, the sender might take it in a wrong way! For those of you, you can try disconnecting your mobile data before reading any of the WhatsApp messages if you do not want the sender to see the blue check marks!

This new feature is currently seen on all smartphone platforms and is not pushed via an update as this is more of a server-side update.

So, do you like this new ‘blue check mark’ feature of WhatsApp? Let us know in the comments!

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