Google I O 2014 material design concept

The much-hyped Gmail 5.0 app for Android has finally arrived and the .apk file is available for download right now. This updated Gmail app for Android shows more off the material design and it has also got the new thread interface (which was applied in Google’s Inbox).

Apart from material design, the new Gmail 5.0 also supports exchange of accounts, a feature which allows users to bring all your emails into one single app. So far, these are the obvious differences that are seen n the latest Gmail for Android.

Download the apk file given below right away and explore more features of Gmail 5.0 yourself and let us know in the comments!

The following files are signed by Google and are secure to install on your Android device. While you can wait for Google to push the updated app to your device, you can always enjoy the latest version with the files given below.

NOTE: To be able to use the exchange feature, you will need to install both the files given below.

File name:
Version: 5.0 (1520254)


File name:
Version: 6.5-1520254


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